Key Features

  • Introduces developers to LonWorks control networking using ISO/IEC 14908-1 with a simple evaluation and programming environment.
  • Includes example applications for device networking.
  • Can be used without any separate network installation tools for running self-installed examples or creating self-installed devices.
  • Can be used with the LonMaker® Integration Tool (Standard or Professional Edition) to develop and test devices for managed networks
  • Speeds development of control networks with the powerful Neuron C programming language and a compiler that supports up to 32 network variables.
  • Downloads compiled Neuron C applications to target hardware over the control network.
  • Provides easy resource and hardware definition and editing with built-in resource and hardware template editors.
  • Includes two evaluation boards, I/O hardware, and USB interface for fast plug-and-play setup.
  • Provides easy migration to the powerful NodeBuilder® Development Tool.
  • Available in free topology twisted pair (FT) and power line (PL) versions.

Tech Specs

Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP.
Minimum Hardware
  • Intel Pentium® III 600MHz processor; 2GB RAM for Windows Vista, 512MB RAM for Windows XP; CD-ROM drive; 1024 x 768 display with at least 256 colors; mouse or other Windows-compatible pointing device; 120 to 350MB free hard-disk space.
Compatible LNS Network Interfaces and IP-852 Routers
  • OpenLDV-compatible local and remote network interface or IP-852 router. Compatible local network interfaces include the U10/U20 USB network interface (a U10 is included with Mini FX/FT and a U20 is included with Mini FX/PL); PCC-10, PCLTA-20, or PCLTA-21 network interfaces; and the SLTA-10 Serial LonTalk Adapter. Compatible remote network interfaces include the i.LON® SmartServer and i.LON 600 LonWorks IP Server. Compatible IP-852 routers include the i.LON SmartServer with IP-852 routing and the i.LON 600 LonWorks IP Server. If you are using an IP-852 router, your computer must have an IP network interface such as an Ethernet card or modem with PPP software. In addition, the i.LON software must be installed on your computer, and the IP-852 channel must be configured using the LonWorks-IP Configuration Server application software.
Neuron C Version 2.2 Neuron C I/O Objects
  • Bit, byte, nibble input/output
  • Bitshift input/output
  • Dallas Touch input/output
  • Dual slope input (for low-cost A/D)
  • Edge divide output
  • Edgelog input.
  • Frequency output.
  • Infrared input
  • Infrared pattern output
  • I2C input/output
  • Level detect input
  • Magcard bitstream input
  • Magcard track 1 and 2 input (for ISO 7811 input)
  • Muxbus input/output (multiplexed address/data)
  • Neurowire input/output (National Semiconductor Microwire and Motorola SPI compatible)
  • Oneshot output, ontime input, period input, pulsewidth output
  • Parallel input/output
  • Pulsecount input/output
  • Quadrature input
  • SCI (UART) serial input/output*
  • SPI serial input/output*
  • Serial input/output
  • Total count input
  • Touch input/output (Maxim/Dallas 1-Wire® protocol-compatible)
  • Triac and stretched triac** output
  • Triggered count output
  • Wiegand input

Neuron C Network Communication Extensions
  • Functional blocks
  • Network variables
  • Configuration properties
  • Application and foreign-frame messages

Mini FX/PL Evaluation Kit Datasheet



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