Key Features

  • Allows the resident IP network to be used as a standard LonWorks media type alongside twisted pair, power line, coax, IR and others
  • Creates a local or remote control network connection for a LonWorks Network Services (LNS®) or OpenLDV application, which could then manage, monitor, and control many LonWorks control networks when an i.LON 600 server is installed in each of them
  • Offers unparalleled packet throughput, rugged construction, and simple commissioning; Provides for flexible network designs with both TP/FT-10 (78kbps) and TP/XF-1250 (1.25Mbps) channel options
  • Supports internetworking of up to 256 i.LON 600 servers and operation of multiple i.LON servers behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall
  • Installs using standard tools such as the LonMaker® Integration Tool or can be setup to self-install using parameters on a Web page

Tech Specs

Minimum PC requirements for configuration server software

Pentium II @ 600 MHz, 128kb RAM, 10MB free disk space


AMD au1000 32-bit RISC

Channel Type

TP/FT-10 (78kbps), Models 72601 and 72603; TP/XF-1250 (1.2Mbps), Models 72602 and 72604

LonWorks Twisted Pair Connector

Screw terminals

Ethernet Port

10/100 BaseT, auto-selecting, auto polarity

Ethernet Connector


Console Interface

EIA-232, 9600 baud (8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)

Console Connector


Operating Input Voltage

+24Vac or Vdc, +33%, <15W (Models 72603 and 72604); 90V–240Vac or Vdc, 50–60Hz (Models 72601 and 72602)

i.LON 600 LonWorks/IP - 852 Router Datasheet



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