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Outdoor Lighting Control Solutions for Auto Dealerships and Parking Lots

Auto dealership, parking lot, public arena, and large campuses managers are rapidly adopting new lighting systems, not only to be better neighbors but to gain more control over their energy consumption, competitive aesthetics and improved safety. Watch the webinar recording and learn how adding LED lights and controls can benefit your business.

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On-demand Webcast

Why LED Lights are not Enough by Themselves?

A dynamic discussion on the latest trends and standards in Intelligent Outdoor Lighting. Specifically, attendees will learn: How customers worldwide are benefiting from controls, What standards are important in outdoor lighting control, and What to look for in a control solution from a vendor.

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Browse sample code and learn how to build different components for your applications

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IzoT imagined by UC Santa Cruz. Great things are possible when things are integrated.


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Tutorial Videos

Inside the IzoT Lab

How to use platform to create highly reliable community of devices for IIoT

IzoT Platform in Action

Creating & Controlling Industrial IoT Devices with the Echelon IzoT Platform

Outdoor Lighting Control Overview

Making Outdoor Lighting more efficient and affordable.

Getting Started with the IzoT SDK

How to get started with IzoTSDK on a Raspberry Pi

How to access the IzoT Device

Accessing the IzoT Device Console Interface from the PyCharm IDE

Starting an IzoT Example

Example Application from the PyCharm IDE

Creating an IzoT Network

with Raspberry Pi Devices and the Multi DIO Example Application

Introducing the IzoT Platform-in-a-Box

The shortest path from your ideas to real IIoT products.

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