Admit it. Sometimes, when you lose your keys, your first thought is: why can't I call this thing? It's even worse when you can't remember where you parked your car. Think about that problem on a corporate, international scale: tracking rental cars.

I.D. Systems Enables Wireless Tracking of Rental Car Fleets

If you lose your car keys, or forget where you’ve parked, wouldn’t it be great to be able to just phone your keys or your car and ask where they are? Multiply that wish to a corporate, international scale, and you’ve identified a dream of rental car companies everywhere: how to better track their fleet of vehicles.

New Jersey-based I.D. Systems is making the dream come true for rental car fleets, industrial vehicles, and even airplane vehicle trackers—with all the security and reliability demanded of a technology in charge of tracking valuable corporate assets.

I.D. Systems' patented wireless asset tracking management technology, called Wireless Asset Net, has used Echelon's LonWorks®-based technology for over a decade to help guarantee the robustness and performance of its two-way wireless communications. The i.LON® Internet server from Echelon helps a network of connected devices share the information they are regularly monitoring.

I.D. Systems monitors cars and equips them with network-connected devices linking together Wireless Asset Net and Echelon technology. As a result, the company is able to systematically gather data on all its assets—not only vehicle location, but also data that imparts other valuable information, such as use statistics. In a world increasingly driven by big data, there’s tremendous value in doing what I.D. Systems is doing: collecting and processing the bits of small data that combine to create big data.

"In a big data driven world, it's an utter gold mine to have been sitting on the bits of small data that build to big data. There's no catch-up game to be played, because this system has been around for so long already"

Beyond fleet tracking, I.D. Systems also is applying the rich potential of its technology to address additional industrial processes and markets. Ken Ehrman, the company CEO, told the PR Newswire that thanks to the i.LON server's introduction to industrial environments: "A machine in a production line, for instance, could send a message automatically through the Wireless Asset Net to a particular forklift, instructing the driver to bring a specific quantity of a particular raw material to the machine for just-in-time replenishment. This type of direct asset-to-asset communication will speed up operational processes, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs."

Solutions such as I.D. Systems’ Wireless Asset Net form the essential scaffolding on which our further connected world is being built. And increasingly, this scaffolding of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is supporting a new generation of offerings able to improve whole market sectors and entire companies—and even help individuals who just want to find where they parked their rental car.